Just Out on Vinyl: Fiction of the Physical:

Singular US poet, installation and performance artist Ellen Zweig collects her early experiments on a fathoms-deep anthology, released for the first time on any format…..” 

PERFORMANCE : 7 . 25 . 2023:

PASTE Magazine says…

“Sound artist and poet Ellen Zweig has been active since the early ’70s but recordings of her work are surprisingly slim. A welcome corrective to this oversight comes next month with the arrival of Fiction of the Physical, a collection of pieces…..” 

Soon to be Released by Phantom Limb:

May, 2023

“A pioneering early…voice in underground avant garde scenes… US poet Ellen Zweig [in collaboration with composers David Weinstein and Dylan] combines experimental spoken word with ambient, fourth world minimalism for the first-ever release of key 70s and 80s works Fiction of the Physical.” 


September 29 – December 2, 2022

Zweig’s video, Family Matters, premieres as part of a group show at lokal_30 in Warsaw