Curriculum Vitae on the World Wide Web


2021  It’s a Window, Not a Door
2019  Family Matters
         Entrance Tickets
2018  Directional Protection
         Forest Foxes Fog
             ArtHubAsia screening, November 10, 2018, Shanghai
2016  Trouble Breathing
         Abstract India
             ArtHubAsia screening, November 10, 2018, Shanghai
2015  Heart Beat Ear Drum, a film about Z’EV (feature length documentary)
             L’Etrange Festival, Paris, France, September 4, 2015 (European Premiere)
2014  All That Is Needed Is An East Wind
             Cinema Studies, New York University, March 8, 2014
2012  Waiting for the Wind
             Fei Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai, March 16, 2013
2011  ECHO
             53 Museum, Guangzhou, China, November 5-December 5, 2011
2010  Observatory
         Wind Words
              “jetlag” Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover, Germany, April 23-May 27, 2012
              53 Museum, Guangzhou, China, November 5-December 5, 2011
              Elisabeth de Brabant Art Center, Shanghai, China, November 10, 2011
          My Landscape, Your Language
              world premiere: Athens International Film and Video Festival, 2011
2007  (the origin of bitterness) Joseph Rock
              world premiere: San Francisco Cinematheque, Dec. 9.
2006  The Lonely Girl, Part I
              world premiere: Anthology Film Archive, New York, Dec. 7.
              Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, California, Oct. 17, 2007.
              EstacionIndianilla Centro Cultural, Mexico City, 2008.
              Festival Images Contre Nature, Marseilles, 2008.
              Athens International Film and Video Festival, 2008.videotape:
          (flick flight flimsy) Ernest Fenollosa
              world premiere, Electromediascope, Kansas City   
              Athens International Film and Video Festival, 2007.
              Festival Images Contre Nature, Marseilles, 2007.
2005   a surplus of landscape
              Athens International Film and Video Festival, 2006.
              Festival Images Contre Nature, Marseilles, 2006.
              KunstFilmBiennale, Koln, Germany, 2005.
              New York Video Festival, July, 2005
              World Premiere, Millenium Film Workshop, February, 2005
2004  precarious
              Thailand New Media Festival, February 2005.
              San Francisco Art Institute Film and Video Festival, 2005.
              Festival Images Contre Nature, Marseilles, France, 2004
              World Premiere, Athens International Film and Video Festival, Athens, Ohio, 2004.
         DVD of 3 videos: HEAP
              InterFACES project, Raffles La Salle International Design School, Bangkok, Thailand, 2004.
2003  (unsolved) Robert van Gulik (from Heap)
              Athens International Film and Video Festival, April 30 2005
              World Premiere, Thailand New Media Festival 2004
2002  (tongue tongue stone) G.W. Leibnitz (from Heap)
              World Premiere, International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2003.
              Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, Ca; May 13, 2004.
         (The Chinese Room) John Searle (from Heap)
              World Premiere, Viper Basel, Switzerland, November, 2003


2018  Inhabited By Foxes, Exhibition on a Table, ArtHubAsia, November 5-December 5, Shanghai
2011  ECHO, Wind Words, Wind Work, 53 Museum, Guangzhou, China.
              Nov. 5-Dec. 5, Split Attention, two person show with Leslie Thornton
2010: This is My Landscape, Montclair Art Museum, Montclair, New Jersey
              April 7-29 (part of Landscape and Language)
2008: HEAP, 6 videos, an installation,
              Davis Museum, Wellesley College, Sept.17-Dec.14
         This Is My Landscape, a video project.
              Libreria Borges Institute for Contemporary Art, Guangzhou, China, May 2-June 3.
              Fei Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai, China, April 3-May 6.
              China International Gallery Exposition, Beijing, China, April 24-28.
         Testing the Waters: Imitating Gestures, Marienbad Café, Shanghai,
              part of Intrude, Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art, April 9, 2008.
2007  Imitating Gestures, part of DDM Warehouse, 2000-2007 group show, Shanghai, China, September 3-30.
2006  Testing the Waters, CUE Art Foundation, New York, Oct.26-Dec. 2
          HEAP (Shanghai version), DDM Warehouse, Shanghai, China, April 8-28.
1993-7 Critical Mass, (with Meridel Rubenstein),
              1997: Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, Jan.25-Mar.22.
              1996: Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Sept.1-Nov. 5.
              1995: List Center for the Visual Arts, MIT, Oct. 7-Dec. 18.
              1993: New Mexico Museum of Fine Art, Santa Fe, Nov.6-Feb.13,1994.
1994  Hubert’s Lure, 42nd St. Project (Creative Time), July-September.
1993  The Invisible Woman…, P.S. 1,New York, Feb.14-Mar.21.
1991  Portal to Archimedes’ Chamber, San Francisco Camerawork, Jan. 31-Mar. 9.


1993  Botanizing on the Asphalt, Art in General, New York, March 13-May 1.
1992  Barrel Camera, camera obscura object, Canary Wharf, London, Jan.20-Mar.1.
              video of installation, Ronald Feldman Gallery, May 2-June 6.
              previously shown at Technorama, Winterthur, Switzerland, Sept.27-Apr.30, 1991.
1991  Monstrous Wonder, Broadway Windows, New York, Oct. 25-Dec.1.
1989  Such Ruins Give the Mind a Sense of Sadness, a multi-lens camera obscura installation: Exploratorium, San Francisco, 1989-2013.
1988  Silo and Barrel Cameras, camera obscura installation: Artpark, Lewiston, N.Y., July-Sept.
         camera obscura objects in group shows:
               Beyond the Camera Obscura, San Francisco Art Commission Gallery, March 24-May 1.
               Three Camera Obscuras, Diverse Works, Houston, Texas, February 27-May 1.
1987  Gazecamerabo or Hannah’s Tea Party, camera obscura installed in a gazebo: Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Oct. 24-Dec. 15.
1986  She Traveled for the Landscape, text-sound composition installed in a camera obscura stagecoach:  New Music America, Houston, Texas, April 5, 6, 12, 13.


1995  Mendicant Erotics, radio play commissioned by ABC Radio, Sydney, Australia, first aired October 23.
1989  False Phonemes, Tellus #22; audio anthology, guest editor.
1987  Impressions of Africa: The Play (a radio play), aired on ABC Australia.


2000  “The Electric Travels of Lucy Anna Morel,” performance on the internet, Artist-in-Residence,
         Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge
1995  Artspace, Sydney, Australia, August 3.
         Universal Theater, Melbourne, Australia, August 1.
         Van Gogh’s Ear Lobe, Brisbane, Australia, July 24.
         U of California, San Diego (Center for Research in Computing and the Arts), April 21.
1994  The Lab, San Francisco, June 3.
1991  Whitney Museum of American Art (Downtown), New York, May 9.
1990  Festival de la Batie, Geneva, Switzerland, September 15.
1989  Exploratorium, San Francisco, California, December 3 & 5.
1988  Artpark, July 30.
         SUNY Binghamton, New York, April l6.
         Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Staten Island, New York, March 27.
         Diverse Works, Houston, Texas, February 27 & 28.
1987  New Langton Arts, San Francisco, California, September 19.
         Jacques Marchais Center for Tibetan Art, Staten Island, New York, June 7.
1986  Eyemediae, Ann Arbor, Michigan, December 9.
         Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, Michigan, December 7.
         Yellow Springs Institute, Yellow Springs, Pennsylvania, August 3 (a collaboration with poet Armand Schwerner).
         Giant Camera, San Francisco, June 21 (part of Ex(Centric) Lady Travellers).
         Falkirk Community Cultural Center, San Rafael, California, June 12,14, 22
         (a site-specific theater piece in a Victorian house; part of Ex(Centric) Lady Travellers).
         Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne, May 13.
         Performance Space, Sydney, Australia (Sydney Biennele: Soundworks), May 9.
         Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia, May 7.
         Camera Obscura Stagecoach (New Music America), Houston, Texas,April 5, 6, 12,13.
         San Francisco Camerawork, San Francisco, March 18.
         Painted Bride Art Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, January 19.
1985  Village Voice, Paris, France, July 24.
         White Swan Pub, London, England, July 16.
         St. Mark’s, New York, April 8.
1984  San Francisco Art Institute, August 31.
         Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, June 25.
         Stichting Logos, Gent, Belgium, June 20.
1983  premier of Impressions Of Africa: Variations For Raymond Roussel
         On Broadway, San Francisco, May 12
         Roulette, New York, October 24.
         Teatro Carcano, Milan, Italy, June 25 (Polyphonix Milano).
         Theatre de la Bastille, Paris, France, June 16 (Polyphonix 5)
         Sushi, San Diego, California, April 30.
         Metropolis Space, Los Angeles, California, April 23.
         Newfoundland Theater, New York, March 27.
1982  New Performance Gallery, San Francisco, December 3, 4, 5.
         Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia, July 29.
         Exiles Bookshop Gallery, Sydney, Australia, July 23.
         Espace dbd, Los Angeles, California, March 6.
         10 Leonard St., New York, January 7.
         performances include: 1st National Congress on Women in Music (Washington Square Church),
         American Center, Paris, France, (Polyphonix 2),  
         12th International Festival of Sound Poetry, New York,
         18th Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor, Michigan.



 2011  Split Attention, catalogue, 53 Museum, Guangzhou, China
2009  Ellen Zweig Interview, Fei Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai, China
2008  two catalogues: This Is My Landscape (New York);
         This Is My Landscape (Shanghai, Guangzhou),
         Libreria Borges Institute for Contemporary Art, Guangzhou, China
2007   “The Videos of Ellen Zweig,” by Kevin Langson, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Dec.5-11;
         “Inspired Imitations by a Lady Traveler,” by Debrah Malater, Performing Arts Journal, 86, Vol.29 #2 .

2006  catalogue, CUE Art Foundation, New York.
         HEAP, a catalogue, DDM Warehouse, Shanghai, China.
2004: “Citing/Laughter: 3 Video Works by Ellen Zweig,” by Thomas Zummer, Millennium Film Journal, No. 42, pp.33-51
         Art, Performance, Media, 31 Interviews, ed. Nicholas Zurbrugg. University of Minnesota Press.
2000  Performance Artists Talking in the Eighties, interview, ed. Linda Montano. U. of California Press.
1999  On the Beaten Track, by Lucy Lippard. The New Press, New York, pp. 57-58
1997  review of Critical Mass by Mark Swartz, Chicago Reader, February 21
         review of Critical Mass by Delia O’Hara, Chicago Sun Times, January 24
1995  review of radio play, Sydney Morning Herald, Oct. 31
         The Age, by Danielle Talbot, Melbourne, Australia, August 1
1994  review of Critical Mass by Christine Temin, Boston Sunday Globe, October 13
1988  review of group show “Beyond the Camera Obscura” by Jamie Brunson. Artweek
         review of EVERYTHING YOU’RE GIVING ME IS JUST THINGS YOU’RE GIVING ME, by Christine Tamblyn. High Performance, Issue 40
1987  “Whose Life is it, Anyway” by Christine Tamblyn. Afterimage, 15 (1): 22–24
1986  review of SHE TRAVELLED FOR THE LANDSCAPE at the Giant Camera, San Francisco, by Alfred Jan. High Performance, Issue 35
         review of EX(CENTRIC) LADY TRAVELLERS AT FALKIRK, by Christine Tamblyn. Artweek, July 12
         article on SHE TRAVELLED FOR THE LANDSCAPE at the Giant Camera, San Francisco, by Misha Berson. Image Magazine, San Francisco Examiner, June 15
         review of SHE TRAVELLED FOR THE LANDSCAPE, text-sound installation in a camera obscura stagecoach, by William Steen. Artscene, Houston, Summer
         interview on the occasion of SHE TRAVELLED FOR THE LANDSCAPE, Houston, by Barry Brice.
         review of RUNNING ERRANDS IN AFRICA, at Video Free America in the show INVENTED LOCATIONS, by Alfred Jan, High Performance, Issue 33
1985  interview, Unsound, San Francisco, Volume 2, No. 2



2006: City Beat, feature spot, Dragon TV, Shanghai, China.
1994: New York 1 News
1987: Fresno Arts Center and Museum, videotape of RUNNING ERRANDS
IN AFRICA and photographic documentation of SHE TRAVELLED FOR THE LANDSCAPE (Giant Camera and stagecoach camera obscura versions), EX(CENTRIC) LADY TRAVELLER IN AUSTRALIA, and IMPRESSIONS OF AFRICA  included in the exhibition “Passages: A Survey of California Women Artists-Lively Arts: Video and Performance II”, March 29-June 7.
1986: WDR-TV, West Germany, documentary on SHE TRAVELLED FOR THE LANDSCAPE (Giant Camera), by Hans-Gerd Weigand.
1983: High Performance, Issue 20 (photography issue), COMMON CROW.


2002: “Les Os Sensibles” (“Sensitive Bones”), Polyphonix, Centre Pompidou, Editions Leo Scheer.
1996: “Mendicant Erotics [Sydney],” The Drama Review, #151.
1995: “They Spoke to the Angels,” “If Archimedes…,” “The Dinner,” from Critical Mass, Conjunctions 24.
1994: “Everything You’re Giving Me Is Just Things You’re Giving Me”, (with Armand Schwerner), Kenyon Review, Vol. XVI, No. 1
1992: “A Barrel of Her Own Design”, Resurgent: New Writing by Women, University of Illinois Press.
1990: “The Lady and the Camel”, Women and Performance, Vol. 5, No. 1.
1988: “Mapping…”; “Posing for Photographs”, Drukwerk De Zaak 37, Groningen, The Netherlands.
1986: Impressions of Africa: Variations for Raymond Roussel,
         Part IV: The Play, e.g. press, San Francisco.
1985: “The Act of Watching”, Unsound, Vol. 2, No. 2.
         “Trade Routes”, Moving Letters, 7, Paris.
         “Long Time No See”, Assembling, 12, New York.
1981: “Fear of Dining and Dining Conversation”, High Performance.


2003: “Voicebox,” Millennium Film Journal, Nos. 39,40.
2000: “Moving Pictures: Some Notes on Counting Above 100,” Millennium Film Journal, Nos.34-35.
1999: “Absent Bodies, Writing Rooms,” Chora 3, McGill-Queen’s University Press.
1997: “The Lurker,” Being on Line, Net Subjectivity, Lusitania, Vol. 8.
1996: “Constructing Loss: Film and Presence in the Work of Eleanor Antin,” Millennium Film Journal, No.29.
1994: “The Best Kept Secret,” American Book Review, Vol. 16, No. 3.
         “Describing Writing Describing,” CTheory, online.
1990: “Life/Art Projects”, The Act, Vol. 2, No. 1
1988: “The Missing Context”, Exposure, Vol. 26, Nos. 2/3
1986: “Suspicious Language”, The Act, Vol. l, No. l.
1984: “Feminism and Formalism”, Poetics Journal, No. 4.
1982: “Jackson MacLow: The Limits of Formalism”, Poetics Today, Vol. 3, No. 3.
1981: The Poetry Reading: A Contemporary Compendium of Language and Performance (ed. with Stephen Vincent), Momo’s Press, San Francisco.


2002: from Mendicant Erotics, Golden Handcuffs, Vol.1, No.1.
2001: from Mendicant Erotics, Fish Drum, Vol. 16.
1995: excerpt from Surveillance, 13th Moon, Vol.13, Nos.1&2
1993: excerpt from Surveillance, Black Ice, No. 10.
1992: excerpt from Surveillance, Trivia, No. 19


2007: “My Language Overwhelms Her Text,” a participatory translation project, Dispatx Art Collective,


2013  Artist in Residence, Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, China
2006  Artist in Residence, VOOM HD Labs, Rainbow Media, New York.
         Manhattan Community Arts Grant, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
2000  Artist in Residence: Interactive Telecommunications Program, New York University; and
         Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge (performance experiments with Internet 2)
1998  Residency, Bellagio Conference and Study Center.
1992  Experimental Television Center, Finishing Funds (video).
         Artist-in-Residence, Harvestworks, New York.(video soundtrack)
1988: National Endowment for the Arts, Interarts.
1986-7: Artist-in-Residence Program, Harvestworks, Inc., New York, and
         Commission from ABC Radio, Sydney, Australia for production of the radio play IMPRESSIONS OF AFRICA.
1985  Interarts of Marin, Small Projects Award.
         National Endowment for the Arts, Interarts.
1984  National Endowment for the Arts, Literature, for POLYPHONIX, a festival of language and performance.


1999: Brown University, Visiting Associate Professor, Modern Culture and Media Department
1997-1999 School of Visual Arts, Computer Arts, MFA Program
1996: Duke in New York Arts Program, Academic Director
1995: Rhode Island School of Design, Sculpture, Visiting Artist
1992-1995 Brown University, Visiting Associate Professor, Visual Arts
1993: Kansas City Art Institute, Visiting Associate Professor, Photo/Video Department
1989-1992: Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Performance Studies Program, Associate Professor
1988-1989: St. Lawrence University, Assistant Professor, Fine Arts Department (Performance)
1987 (Fall): Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Visiting Artist, Fine Arts Department (Performance)
1980-1987: San Francisco State University, Lecturer, Interarts Center
1984-1985: San Francisco Art Institute, Visiting Artist, Film Department (1985)
Interdisciplinary Graduate Program (1984)


1980  PhD University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Thesis: Contemporary Performance and Poetry
1970  MFA Columbia University, New York.
1967  BA University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.